Most of the time life is about working hard and struggling, but sometimes, just sometimes it is all about living. There is no wise man who ever climbed the peak of this Earth, and no sane woman who sailed its seas.

I do not fear a good storm, I love like fury and I live like thunderbolts and hail. I may be a fool, but I chose to remain so as I paint my paradise one brushstroke at a time.

I am a whisper in the trees, a shadow in the breeze. All grand stories take place two doors down from you, you just don’t know how to see them, but they are there. And they are all told with beautiful words.

Read about the terrible wonders that live in your mind, and walk along my feet one nation at a time.

Remember, all heroes are fantastically ordinary, just like you.  



Last Seen: Bothering the Japanese locals.

Current Mission: Explore the land of the rising sun.