» » Mt Fuji: Ohachimeguri Trail

Mt Fuji: Ohachimeguri Trail

Ohachimeguri trail (crater rim)

  • Open: July 10th-September 10th
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Approximate time to complete loop: 90 minutes


The Ohachimeguri trail takes you around the crater rim. The meaning of Ohachimeguri actually translates into ‘walking around the crater’. The trail loops around the top of Mount Fuji. The highest peak of the mountain is Kengamine Peak and measures 3775,6 metes.


The Ohachimeguri trail passes this peak along with Joujudake Peak, Kusushi Shrine and Sengen Taisha – Okumiya Shrine. The trail also passes the post office on the top of Mt Fuji, where you can send a post card home. The Konoshiro pond nearby Sengen Taisha is frozen all year round.


If you are lucky you can see the ‘kagefuji’ meaning ‘Shadow of Mount Fuji’ from the observatory on Kengamine Peak. This is the only place where you can see the massive shadow of Mt Fuji.

Click here for the Ohachimeguri Trail map

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