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The Market Experience – Cooking with a twist

The most unique cooking class in Bangkok

I was invited to take part in a new cooking class called “Cooking with a twist” in the flower market. Expique has some unique walking tours and tuk-tuk tours in Bangkok. They’ve just launched “The market experience” which includes a cooking class, flower art class, dessert class and market tour. All classes are available for almost half the price is you book before April 30th! “Cooking with a twist” is a half-day class, it’s currently available for 950 Baht if you book before April 30th.



The cooking class takes place in a clean space inside the Yodpiman flower market. It makes the cooking class feel more local and genuine. “Cooking with a twist” is different from most standardised cooking classes. All the fresh ingredients are bought directly at the market, so the menu will depend on the ingredients available. All the dishes have substitutes for meat or fish, so the cooking class is suitable for vegetarians.

You don’t have to be a good chef to take part in “Cooking with a twist”. Alyssa the wonderful chef and instructor will make sure you’re staying with the program.

My boyfriend always says that I can’t cook, and shouldn’t be left alone in the kitchen. But after he tastes the curry I made for him in this cooking class, he promised to never say that again. He told me

  It tastes like food from a restaurant, i really like it!


The Market Experience: Cooking with a twist

The reason I really liked this cooking class was because of the insight in local culture. Alyssa, the chef took us on a tour of Yodpiman flower market. We could meet and ask questions about the local food being sold in the market. Some of the Thai ingredients we learned about were shallots, a kind of onion, snake beans and holy basil.



“Cooking with a twist” is a small class with a maximum of 8 people. This makes the class feel like intimate, like cooking with friends where you can talk and ask questions. The class teaches you about some of the key ingredients that are often used in Thai cooking.




Besides taking a walking tour around the Yodpiman flower market, we also prepared an appetiser, a salad, a stir fry and a curry. All of the dishes were cooked with fresh ingredients and had vegetarian options. Personally, I think this cooking class is the best souvenir you can bring home. When I’m sitting at home in Japan on a cold, rainy day I’ll throw together a Thai curry.


The dishes

Appetizer: Ming Khum

Miang Khum means “One bite wrap” and is a fresh appetiser containing calcium, iron and vitamin C. Miang Khum looks beautiful when served, it’s healthy and it shows the Thai culture of eating with your hands since each bite is neatly wrapped in a leaf. The best part about this dish is that if you’re missing an ingredient it can be substituted for something else.


Salad: Larb Chicken Salad

Larb is a kind if meat salad that originally came from Laos. Larb is also late in San region of Thailand, in the North-East. The difference between Larb in Laos and Thailand is that Thai people don’t eat raw meat. Different kinds of meat can be used, and if you are a vegetarian, this dish can be prepared using tofu instead.

Stir fry: Phad Kra Prao Moo

Phad Kra Prao is actually a popular street food in Thailand. It’s spicy, and quick to make. Marinated meat is combined with vegetables such as snake beans and holy basil. Meat can be substituted for tofu if you are a vegetarian. Personally, I can’t handle spicy food so with Alyssa’s help I cooked a less spicy version of this dish, and it was my favourite!

Curry: Shrimp Red Curry with Green Bananas

Red curry is one of the spicy Thai curries made from red dried chilies, it’s usually cooked with fresh coconut milk. The bananas in the curry adds calcium to the dish. For me, this was the magical dish that changed how my boyfriend look at me. This dish helped me go from a lousy chef to serving him restaurant worthy food.


How to get there:

By ferry: Get off at Pakklong Talad Pier/Yodpiman Pier No 6/1.
From the pier it’s only a few minutes on foot. I recommend using google maps to pinpoint the location. The market experience can be found on the 2nd floor inside the building of the Yodpiman flower market. Signs for The market experience can be found inside the flower market.


By bus: There are a few local buses you can take to Yodpiman flower market. It may be easier to tell the bus driver that you are going to Pak Klong Flower market, it will be easier for them to recognize.


Bus nr. 8: departs from Victory monument.
Bus nr. 53: departs from China town.
Bus nr. 5: departs from the North-eastern Bus terminal, also called Chatuchak Bus Terminal.



Dates and Cost:

Tuesday-Saturday: 09:00-13:00
Introductory offer: 950 baht if you book before April 30th.
Regular price: 1,500 baht.



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