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Play with exotic pets at Little Zoo Café

Little Zoo café - A charming animal café




Animal cafés have become very popular in Asia over the last few years. Animal cafés such as Cat cafés, Rabbit cafés and Owl cafés popped up in big cites where it’s often difficult to keep pets and a trend started. Thailand, Japan and South Korea all have different spins on this theme.


Personally, I grew up with pets, but can’t have any now as I’m traveling. I’ve visited both Cat cafés and Owl cafés in Japan, but I hadn’t heard of an animal café that kept different types of pets until I found Little Zoo café in Bangkok. Little Zoo Café has two branches, one in Nonthaburi, North of Bangkok, and a new branch in Siam Square, the centre of Bangkok.


Entrance of Little Zoo Café is easy to spot.
There's a good vibe as soon as you enter the Café

The Siam Square branch has only been open for about four months. It’s already teeming with customers waiting to pet some meerkats and Fennec foxes. What I really like about the Little Zoo Café is that unlike other animal cafés there is no limited time or “time slots” for your visit. There is also no entrance fee to enter the café, however you do have to buy food and a drink. Exotic pets are expensive to keep. The cost for food and drink is what supports the animals and the care they need.


The animals at Little Zoo Café

You get to meet many different animals at Little Zoo Café. They have everything from cats and dogs to Fennec foxes and meerkats. I was really happy to find out that many of the animals were actually rescue animals, or animals that their previous owner could not keep. The cat and two big dogs we met were all rescue animals. 


Pippi's Friend, the name of one rescued dog.
This rescued cat took a liking to my necklace.

One of the owners of Little Zoo Café used to work with breeding of exotic pets so she is very knowledgeable about these animals. She told us that as the staff gets used to the current animals, more animals may be added as long as a good balance is kept. Information for the customers about the different animals will be going up soon. 


Beer, one of the owners showing me a Fennec Fox.


Currently there are meerkats, Fennec foxes, chinchillas and many other small animals at the Little Zoo Café in Siam Square. The animals are rotated so they do not get overstimulated or exhausted from the guests so you may not meet all of them. There are quite a few Fennec foxes, but you may only meet two of them due to the rotation system.



There are also hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and birds at Little Zoo Café. I was originally very excited to meet hedgehogs and racoons at Little Zoo café, but these are kept at the Nonthaburi branch. I was too busy playing with the curious meerkats to miss them and I did not realise until I left!


One of the meerkats checking out Ryan's scarf.

The food and cost

The menu is designed and tested by the owners of the café. The owner told us that if they were going to have all customers order a dish and a drink, they wanted to make sure that everyone could find something they would like on the menu. And there’s really something for everyone, spicy Thai food, pasta dishes, fish n’ chips and waffles. There’s also a wide variety of drinks, from coffee and hot drinks to soft drinks and smoothies. 

Ryan tried the spicy black Thai noodles and their yoghurt smoothie, both specialties at Little Zoo Café. As I missed some western food, I took the chance to try the fish n’ chips with a lemonade. We were both surprised at how much thought the owners had put into creating the menu and we found the food surprisingly delicious.



Each dish costs around 200-300 Baht, and drinks cost around 90 Baht. It may sound expensive, but personally I’d rather spend 500 Baht on food than on an entrance fee. Since the money goes into looking after the animals, I think the prices are reasonable. 

How to get there:

Siam Square Branch
BTS: Get off at Siam Station. It’s a 5 minute walk. Little Zoo Café is next to Hard Rock Café. 

Nonthaburi Branch:
From Don Muang International Airport: 30 minutes by taxi or Uber. 

From Bangkok City centre: Take a ferry to Wat Klang Kret Pier. From the pier it’s 20 minute by taxi or Uber. Alternatively you can take a taxi or Uber all the way from the city centre. 



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