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Travel Changed My Life

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Overcoming my limitations

A guest post by Susanne Kaeufer


I wanted to travel and live overseas since I was a teenager.

Work & Travel, Volunteering overseas, Internships and Language Schools. I literally had a brochure from every single company offering an overseas project and a head full of dreams.

My parents told me: “It’s unrealistic, we have normal lives! Finish school, get a job, save money, retire at 67 and then you can go travelling.”




My turning point

I grew up with those beliefs and didn’t have enough confidence to tell them they were wrong. I didn’t know anyone travelling long-term except the travel bloggers I followed, and they all seemed to be much braver than me.

For a scaredy cat like me, this seemed impossible. Those beliefs manifested, but my dreams never really let me go. I longed to spend my holidays in South Africa, Canada and Gambia, to get a taste of different cultures.

“I can’t give up my secure job to travel!”

“I can’t sell all my stuff and just leave with a backpack!”

“I can’t give up my safe and stable life, I should be grateful and happy!”

I had spent 15 years with this inner conflict and I wish I’d had more confidence, support and the knowledge that you can create your own path and coping strategies. I had wasted a lot of time in unfulfilling jobs, scared to follow my dreams and passions.

It required a turning point, a shake-up moment, a tragedy in my life.


I am my hero!

When you think you lose everything and fall apart, you will recognise that you are stronger than you think you are, that you are capable of more than you’d ever dreamed of.

After a heavy fight my partner threw me out of our apartment, a massive overstep of acceptable boundaries. I was heart-broken but I never knocked on the door again. I walked away, found my own stability in myself and quit my job.

I didn’t know who I was anymore or what I wanted to do with my life.

I only knew a few things. I grabbed an on list of old dreams, uncertain if they still belonged to me. I always felt like I had to go to Africa, so I bought a one-way-ticket to Cape Town.

Sometimes you have to be your own hero and take control of your destiny!


A fresh start: Finding myself

I left Germany on the 4th of January 2014, and have never returned since. I didn’t really know what to do with my life and people said I was running away, but I just wanted to move forward. All I had was a list of dreams, so I worked through the list and found myself whilst experiencing new things.


I lived in Cape Town to improve my English.

I traveled three months through Africa.

I learned horse riding in an African game reserve surrounded by wildlife.

I worked in a cheetah rehabilitation project in Africa.

I never ever left the ocean on my journey.

I tried yoga and meditation.

I learned how to tube-feed penguins in a wildlife hospital.

I explored 10 countries in a year.

I played poker in Macau and rescued cats in Bali.

I worked with leopards, penguins and koalas.


Travel changed my life

I decided to stay in Australia and call it my new home. I went through visa applications, paid a lot of money and began a complete new life as an expat. I lived in Sydney for three years and left for my second around the world trip last week.

If you travel far enough you’ll meet yourself.


From day one of this journey, everything fell into place. This was the beginning of my journey and of what I was meant to do! This was the journey I needed to take, to be able to help others fulfill their dreams as well. If I would only have known that everything will just be how it’s meant to be, then I wouldn’t have been scared.

Today I work as a Transformational Coach and help women with big travel dreams that are stuck on a path that isn’t their own to create a freedom lifestyle on their terms.

Break free and find your own path!



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