Mt Fuji
Torii Gate

Japan – The land of the rising Sun

Quick facts about Japan

  • Written Language: Kanji, Hirigana, Katakana
  • Population: 126 Million
  • Economy: 3rd largest economy on the planet
  • Famous for: They build Robots!  the flowers are pretty too... I guess
  • Seasons: Summer, Autmn, Winter, Spring
  • Islands: 4 main islands and 49 in total - Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu & Shikoku
  • Currency:  Japanese  Yen


Welcome to the land of the rising sun, Japan (nihon-koku) is a wonderous place of culture, art, nature and beauty. Renowned for its Cherry blossoms, Samurai and Geisha's, Japan is one of the hottest places to visit right now. the Olympics in 2020 will help to boost tourism further. With Scuba Diving, Mt Fuji and a pletheror of temples and shrines  its sure to hold something of interest for all visitors.


Follow us as we guide you to many of the tourist attractions and hidden gems!



‘Sakura’ Cherry Blossoms 2017

The Japanese Cherry Blossoms The cherry blossoms, or ‘sakura’ is the national flower in Japan. The cherry blossoms come in hundreds of different kinds, with colours ranging between white, light … Read More

Teru Teru Bozu: A Japanese Prayer

A Japanese doll for good weather The Teru Teru Bozu is a traditional doll made by hand before school trips or hiking tours to pray for sunny days. It’s an … Read More

Mt Fuji: Fujinomiya Trail

Fujinomiya Trail (Blue) Open: July 10th-September 10th Ascent: 5 hours Descent: 3 hours   Many other sightseeing locations nearby Side trail that leads to Mt Hoei Shortest time to ascent … Read More

Mt Fuji: Gotemba Trail

Gotemba Trail (Green) Open: July 10th-September 10th Ascent: 10 hours Descent: 3 hours   One of the easier trails Side trail that leads to Mt Hoei Gentle slope of volcanic … Read More

Mt Fuji: Yoshida/Subaru Trail

Yoshida Trail aka Subaru Trail (Yellow) Open: July 1st-September 10th Ascent: 6 hours Descent: 4 hours   Relatively flat until 7th station Many huts while ascending Sunrise takes place on … Read More

Mt Fuji: Subashiri Trail

Subashiri Trail (Red) Open: July 10th-September 10th Ascent: 6 hours Descent: 3 hours   Fairly gentle slope with tree cover until 7th station Ascent and Descent use different trails No … Read More

Mt Fuji: Ohachimeguri Trail

Ohachimeguri trail (crater rim) Open: July 10th-September 10th Distance: 3 km Approximate time to complete loop: 90 minutes   The Ohachimeguri trail takes you around the crater rim. The meaning … Read More

Ultimate Guide: Climbing Mt Fuji

  The history of Mt Fuji Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, the peak measures 3,776 meters. It’s known to the Japanese as Fuji-san. It’s one of ‘the … Read More

Nikujaga – Japanese Meat and Potato Stew

Nikujaga – Meat and Potato Stew Nikujaga literally means “meat and potatoes”.  It is the kind of dish that is made slighlty differently in each household.  It is especially well-suited … Read More

Lake Tanuki and The Shiraito Falls
| |

Lake Tanuki Located on the west side of Mount Fuji, you can find the artificial lake Tanukiko, or in English Lake Tanuki. It was originally a swamp area but in … Read More

Visit the real house of Ghibli’s Totoro

  Who is Totoro? My Neighbor Totoro or in Japanese, Tonari no Totoro is an animated movie that was first released by Studio Gibli in 1988. It has since then … Read More

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