Tiger Kingdom: Familiar Stripes and New Challenges 

Three years ago, I was accepted as a volunteer at Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. I’d heard a lot of rumours about drugged animals and abuse. I went there to … Read More

Cooking with Asia Scenic

Countryside cooking class in Chiang Mai I have never been a very good chef, but like many of you, I really love the food in Thailand. I heard that my … Read More

Travel Changed My Life

Overcoming my limitations A guest post by Susanne Kaeufer   I wanted to travel and live overseas since I was a teenager. Work & Travel, Volunteering overseas, Internships and Language … Read More

‘Sakura’ Cherry Blossoms 2017

The Japanese Cherry Blossoms The cherry blossoms, or ‘sakura’ is the national flower in Japan. The cherry blossoms come in hundreds of different kinds, with colours ranging between white, light … Read More

How to become a Digital Nomad: Work abroad

What is a Digital Nomad? A digital nomad (Or DN for short) is someone who works remotely over the internet to earn a living. It usually requires Wifi and VOIP … Read More

Teru Teru Bozu: A Japanese Prayer

A Japanese doll for good weather The Teru Teru Bozu is a traditional doll made by hand before school trips or hiking tours to pray for sunny days. It’s an … Read More

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