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Vicky Taylor
Vicky has a B.A degree in Tourism from Sweden, where she studied destination development and sustainable tourism. She’s fluent in English, Swedish and Japanese and freelances in translations. Vicky is also a professional photographer and travel writer; her images are featured in our web-shop. She has previously worked with Voyapon promoting local tourism within Japan and over 20 of her articles are featured on their website.


Ryan Burgess
Ryan is an IT-engineer with 10 years of experience. He’s previously worked in the U.K, Kenya and South Sudan with satellite telecommunications, infrastructure systems and big data. Today, Ryan also works with web-design and has built three websites including PaintmeParadise.

Together Vicky and Ryan are running the website Both Vicky and Ryan are passionate about wildlife conservation and working with local communities to create a sustainable future. They love being involved in volunteering projects and have previously worked for organisations such as TRACC – Tropical Research and Conservation Centre in Malaysia and BGBJ – Bantar Gebang in Indonesia.


Our Services

Paint me Paradise values sustainable tourism, local communities and small companies and brands. On the website, you can read about country-side destinations, travel advice and historically and culturally important topics. Vicky is especially interested in traditional arts such as Muay Boran and Waza-Zaiku – Japanese straw binding. Local foods, destinations and events are other regular topics on PaintmeParadise. We occasionally accept guest posts, please contact us for details.

All sponsorships are custom tailored to fit the needs of each company and brand. PaintmeParadise offers sponsorships in many forms, both long-term and short term.

PaintmeParadise only works with companies and brands that share their values; sustainable tourism, supporting local communities and conserving historical and cultural locations and customs.


Here are some of the services offered:

Advertorial content on the website
Banner advertisements

Brand ambassadorship
Contests, discounts and give-aways
Destination and attraction consultant
Guest posts and sponsored posts
Product reviews
Social media coverage


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